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  • Remove Duplicate Song 9.65

    Remove Duplicate song - what should I do to remove duplicate song with the easiest way? Where can I get the program to find and remove duplicate song on PC? How to automatically remove duplicate song? The hi-end utility
  • radioblog 0.2

    This extension allow you to download music from radioblog website. To download music you'll have to : Go to search a song play the desired song Wait until the song is over and then right click
  • Best Duplicate Song Finder 6.37

    Best Duplicate song Finder - is the program to Find Duplicate songs. This duplicate song finder software is the best duplicate song finder to find duplicate song in the music collection, the best duplicate song finder
  • Qtrax 3.5

    Now you can immediately download your favorite song without wasting time by using Qtrax that is actually a central music destination. You will find here millions of song because it combines fans, bands and brands. You
  • Teklora Duplicate Song Remover 4.86

    Remove Duplicate songs Duplicate song Remover - is an easy way to Remove Duplicate songs. Find duplicate songs, delete duplicate songs and automatically remove duplicate songs with automatic duplicate song remover.
  • Find Duplicate Songs 7.16

    Find Duplicate songs - How to Find duplicate music? What is the best way to find duplicate songs? Automatically find duplicate MP3 files, delete duplicate songs and remove duplicate music with the duplicate song finding
  • Remove Duplicate Songs Pro 3.96

    Remove Duplicate songs - find and remove duplicate songs with the best duplicate song remover. Duplicate song removing software is the best way to remove duplicate songs in the Windows media player, automatically remove
  • Song Writer 2.01

    The handy software song Writer makes creation and maintaining of popular chord/lyric song format very easy. It is very easy to use program with built-in graphical chord database. It is capable of creating a transparency
  • How To Delete Duplicate Songs

    How to Delete Duplicate songs and how to Delete song duplicates? How to delete duplicate songs in Windows media player of any version and how to delete duplicate songs in Winamp media player? Now you know how to delete
  • Lyrics Viewer 1.0

    With handy software Lyrics Viewer, you can perform following functions: you can pull up extra information about the album; you can view lyrics of song; you can play song while viewing lyrics; for knowing how to embed
  • musicjacker

    Musicjacker is an app that makes it possible for you to download music that otherwise wouldn't be available. Musicjacker also features a unique feature called MusicScraper. This enables you to search for the name of an
  • HTML Compress Pro 1.3

    compress html pages to speed up your web site HTML compress Pro is a software tool to compress web pages. It reduces the size of web pages but keep the same appearance when opening in web browsers. Your web pages will
  • Compress PST File 10.03.01

    PST compress and Compact is a small yet powerful utility specially designed to compress large sized PST file, by removing extra or unused space from the PST. By compressing bulky PST file, you can avert the situation of
  • Compress MDB 8.1

    compress, Compact and Repair .mdb files. It???s a wonderful utility. You can compress your all .mdb files in just One Click. Benefit : This utility will help you to compress, compact and repair Microsoft?? Access??
  • MusicFrost 3 4

    MusicFrost is a program to search and download mp3 songs. It can search around the Internet to find your favorite song. The search feature withing the program lets you search for the song based on the song or artist
  • Audiggle

    Ever found yourself listening to a great song in a Movie or TV show but don't know the name? Audiggle is the brand new audio recognition software which can instantly tell you the song and artist name of anything playing
  • SEG-Y Zip Alpha

    Easily compress your files. Easily compress your files. SEG-Y Zip is a simple and accessible Command Line-based tool that can help you compress your files. SEG-Y files need special compression because they don't
  • Song Download Manager

    song download Manager is a helpful windows tool that enables you to search, buy and download karaoke songs instantly from CAVS website and saving your time from typing checkout information by using User Profile. Also you
  • Compress PST Files 2.0

    If you want to simplify your Outlook PST files managements? Just getting SysTools labs provided compress PST software. PST file compaction software is reliable solution to compress outlook PST files. compress PST file
  • Mididiom 3.14

    MIDIDIOM (pronounced Midi Idiom) is a program that takes an existing midi file and generates a new song while not affecting the structure of the song. It may be helpful in creating a song that is Similar to a particular
  • MP3 Mixer & Recorder 1.57

    You can use inclusive software application MP3 Mixer & Recorder for not only mixing two songs, but it is also capable of recording mixed song in MP3 format. It has user friendly interface that is very easy to use for
  • bill consolidation java squeeze 1.30

    compress your java files to save space compress your java files to save space and download time. With Java squeeze you can take any java file and compress it to less than 10%, imagine the download time off your site.
  • Free MP3jam

    Free MP3jam is a new software to download MP3. 100% free & safe! Find any song or album and download it free & straight away. No captchas or ad previews. Just One Click to save a track or an entire album! Preview a
  • Lyric Leech 1.2

    Lyric Leech is a free Lyric download application which simplifies and speeds up the task of downloading song lyrics. Just simply enter the song title and it's author, and click "Go", to have the lyrics of the song
  • ButtonBeats Distorted Player Guitar 1.0

    Now you can easily compose your desire songs by using handy software application ButtonBeats Distorted Player Guitar. It is very easy to use; you will type the song n the text box; you will click on play button after
  • Library Search 1.0

    Use this Widget to search our music Library online. When you find the song you want you can rate the song, request the song, and buy it on
  • SWF Compress 1.0

    SWF compress is a powerful new Adobe Flash SWF compression tool. Optimize, compress and Reduce your SWF files size up to 60% without loss in quality or function. SWF compress uses unique compression algorithms to
  • iRateIt 2.1

    Created in response to requests on the Konfabulator forums, this is very Minimalist on purpose. It displays the current iTunes song rating and updates when new song starts. It will update if you pass your mouse over it,
  • BigMacs Entertainer 1.29

    A karaoke software including all the necessary tools, song database and more. New karaoke software for private and professional KJ's. Another server-based version for karaoke bars in Development. "BigMac's
  • SysInfotools PST Compress and Compact 3.0

    PST compress and Compact from SysInfoTools is a powerful innovative tool which is designed to compress and compact large PST files of MS Outlook without hampering the integrity of data. Using PST compress and Compact