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  • HTML Compress Pro 1.3

    compress html pages to speed up your web site HTML compress Pro is a software tool to compress web pages. It reduces the size of web pages but keep the same appearance when opening in web browsers. Your web pages will
  • Compress MDB 8.1

    compress, Compact and Repair .mdb files. It???s a wonderful utility. You can compress your all .mdb files in just One Click. Benefit : This utility will help you to compress, compact and repair Microsoft?? Access??
  • Love2Photo - compress pictures to share 1.864.08

    Love2Photo is photo compressor software which will let you compress your photos. Sometimes we face problem and it also take long time to share photos taken with digital cameras because they are of large size and we
  • PhotoRedukto 1.4

    PhotoRedukto can reduce digital photography size! Just right click a picture! -Explorer extension -View BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, ICO and CUR files -compress, Extract, Resize selected pictures -Set picture as
  • Enolsoft PDF Compressor for Mac 2.0.0

    Enolsoft PDF compressor for Mac compresses and reduces PDF file size by optimizing the resolution and compression method of images, removing unused thumbnails and metadata, stripping dead-object and compressing other
  • HTML LZW Pro 2.5 Build 0415

    Do you want to make your Html file smaller size? A small size Html file will save your web storage space and increase the network throughput. The HTML LZW use LZW[LiZiWen84] arithmetic to compress Html data . It can
  • Compress PST 10.03.01

    PST files which contain all the emails and items of user mailboxes have definite file sizes, which is determined by the version of MS Outlook being used. If the file size exceeds the limit because of large volumes of
  • Picture Reduce Studio 3.0.4

    picture Reduce Studio is an easy-to-use software, allowing you to reduce picture size and resize images in batch mode. You can reduce pictures to different size by compressing or resizing options. If you have bulk of
  • ProXmedia Picture Editor PRO v 2

    With this software you can: - Resize, rotate and compress your pictures to the format you want, - Add frames to your pictures, - Add water sign text or merge other picture with yours, - Automatically rename picture names
  • SWF Compress 1.0

    SWF compress is a powerful new Adobe Flash SWF compression tool. Optimize, compress and Reduce your SWF files size up to 60% without loss in quality or function. SWF compress uses unique compression algorithms to
  • DVR-Compress 1.11

    Recordings or titlesets exceeding 4.7 GB will be shrinked automatically to the size of the used DVD blank. The broadcasting stations' higher transmission rates often implicate that recordings larger than 4.7 GB or
  • Secret Super PhotoAgent Andy 007 1.3

    Secret PhotoAgent encrypts photos and protects them with password, so nobody will see them unless they have the password! It can compress the size of photographs, so the message size does not get too large and send
  • Compress Outlook PST 10.03.01

    Kernel for PST compress and Compact is a competent tool to compress Outlook PST and resolve various issues caused due to increased PST file size. This compress Outlook PST tool allows the user to remove extra or unused
  • Video to Picture 5.3

    Video to picture Video to picture is a Video to picture converter and video capture software. Export picture from popular video formats, you can extract picture list, can also extract separate pictures. Video to GIF
  • FILEminimizer Pictures 2.0

    FILEminimizer pictures reduces the file size of JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP and EMF images, pictures and photos by up to 98% using an intelligent image compression technique which preserves the original quality. As
  • Fans MS Access File Size Reduce Software 5.0

    Fans MS Access File size Reduce software can compress the file size of one or more MS Access files. Some Access files do not compress as well as others. Results may vary. Access 97 or higher
  • Best Picture Organizer 3.61

    Best picture Organizer - is an easiest way to Organize pictures. Get pictures organized with the best picture organizer. Organize pictures, automatically organize pictures and organize picture files with the best picture
  • 4dots Free PDF Compress 2.0

    With 4dots Free PDF compress you can batch compress PDF documents and reduce their file size drastically. It is absolutely free, very easy to use and also multilingual. Easily, you can select and batch compress whole
  • Compress PST File 10.03.01

    PST compress and Compact is a small yet powerful utility specially designed to compress large sized PST file, by removing extra or unused space from the PST. By compressing bulky PST file, you can avert the situation of
  • OGGResizer 1.0.0

    OGGResizer - Vorbis compressor is designed to reduce the size of OGG Vorbis files by recompressing them with a lower bit rate. OGGResizer is a powerful and easy-to-use utility to compress OGG Vorbis files. A wide
  • Neevia PDFcompress 3.4

    Reduce or compress the size of your PDF with sNeevia PDFcompress. You can not only different things like bookmarks labels etc from the PDF but also compress it while keeping the same originality of the document. It is
  • How To Compress Outlook 2010 PST Files 3.1

    Microsoft Outlook PST files have two kind of category. 1. ANSI PST files, 2. Unicode PST files. If you are continuous Outlook users then you are very much sure about the Outlook storage capacity. As PST Files size grows
  • ICQ Lite Picture Changer 3.1.8

    With ICQLite pictureChanger 3 you can remove the advertising banners from your ICQ Lite and replace the banner above your contactlist with an own picture. You can change this picture at will and with a click on it you
  • PicTul 1.3

    Resize any shape picture without distortion in three easy steps! Choose the picture you would like to resize, enter a width and height then choose the best looking preview and save. PicTul automatically adjust the
  • SEG-Y Zip Alpha

    Easily compress your files. Easily compress your files. SEG-Y Zip is a simple and accessible Command Line-based tool that can help you compress your files. SEG-Y files need special compression because they don't
  • SysTools PST Compress 1.0

    SysTools PST compress 1.0 offers you a great tool which can allow you to manage the PSP files. With this powerful tool, emails are supposed to get increased day by day in this case file size of PST must increase and
  • WinSoftMagic Photo Editor 2011

    The most important feature of WinSoftMagic Photo Editor is the ability to edit photos preserving their original quality. WinSoftMagic Photo Editor contains our most advanced JPEG compression engine and technology
  • Nice PDF Compressor Command Line Version 2.01

    compress PDF file and reduce the actual size of PDF document with this PDF compressor. Nice PDF compressor removes duplicate PDF objects, optionally takes advantage of new compression features of latest PDF
  • Free PDF Compressor 3.0

    compress PDF file and reduce the actual size of PDF document with this PDF compressor. Nice PDF compressor removes duplicate PDF objects, optionally takes advantage of new compression features of latest PDF
  • Compress PST Files 2.0

    If you want to simplify your Outlook PST files managements? Just getting SysTools labs provided compress PST software. PST file compaction software is reliable solution to compress outlook PST files. compress PST file